How Purchase Outdoor Eco Solvent Printer Correctly

May. 14, 2019

At present, there are many brands of photo machines on the domestic market, making it difficult for consumers to purchase. What do you need to consider when buying an outdoor photo machine? What kind of outdoor photo machine can be suitable for your own advertising store?

First of all, use eco solvent based ink to see if the stability of the eco solvent is excellent. A stable eco solvent printer makes your work easy. Conversely, with poor stability may often have problems when it is working. Poor printing effect not only affects the time of advertisement production, but also wastes paper and ink and increases the cost of advertising production.

Therefore, stability is very important when choosing eco solvent printing machine. In addition, the choice of regular manufacturers or agents, regular manufacturers have better after-sales service.

Since there are many different brands of eco solvent printer, the functions and prices are similar. Therefore, after the same conditions, after-sales service is very important, so that buyers with good after-sales protection will be very relieved.

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