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Date: Mar. 03, 2016

1. Chemical Product and Company Identification


1.1 Identification of the product

Name: Solvent Ink

Chemical family: Inks of Yellow、Magenta、Cyan and Black, Blends of solvents additives and pigments.


2. Composition/Information on Ingredients


Components   CAS NoEEC No.%
N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone    872-50-4 2128281 0-15
EBA112-07-2 203933340-80

The Ingredients not listed are not considered as dangerous substances according to 29 CFR 1910-1200(USA).


3. Hazard Identification


Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).

Health   -1 slight

Flammability -2 moderate

Reactivity  -0 no

Hazard ratings are 0 to 4 (0=no hazard: 4= extreme hazard)

Fire and explosion hazard. Leak of or spills of liquid can form flammable mixtures at or above flash point.


4. First Aid Measures


After inhalation

Supply fresh air. Have the person rest. Seek immediate medical advice.

After skin contact

Immediately wash with water and soap and rinse thoroughly. Seek immediate medical advice.

After eye contact

Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. Then consult a doctor.

After swallowing.

Seek immediate medical advice. Provide information for doctor. The following systems may occur: headache , dizziness nausea and gastric or intestinal disorders.


5. Use carbon dioxide, extinguishing powder or foam.


Water may be ineffective but may be used for cooling exposed containers.Do not use water extinguisher when printers are on fire.

Horardous combustion products-No unusual products.


6. Accidental Release Measures


Safety precautions: Wear protective equipment. Ensure adequate ventilation and keep away from ignition source.

Measures for environmental protection: Do not allow material to be released to the environment without proper governmental permits.

Measures for cleaning/collecting:Absorb with liquid-binding material (sand,distomite,

sawdust or Universal binders).


7. Handling and Storage


Keep container tightly sealed, Store in cool place/Ensure good ventilation at the workplace. Keep ignition sources away.

Storage and transport temperature: <5 degree C.


8. Exposure control and Personal protection


The usual precautionary measures for handling chemicals should be followed. Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and feed, Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Handle in the presence of adequate ventilation. Where exposure is likely to exceed acceptable criteria use approved respiratory protection equipment. Use impervious gloves for hand protection.

Use safety glasses or tightly sealed goggles for eye protection.

Wear protective work clothing.


9. Physical and Chemical Properties


color:                        yellow, magenta, cyan, black
odor:                       strong ketone characteristic
boiling point:   146 to 218 degree C.
flash point (TCC):about 63 degree C.
decomposition temperaturesnot determined
ignition temperaturenot determined
solubility in water:moderate (1-10%)
viscosity:     approximate 10 mpas
%Volatiles by volume 95-100%


10 Stability and Reactivity


Hazardous polymerization:  none

Thermal decomposition:   none if used stored according to specification.

Stability:           stable

Materials and conditions to avoid:  strong oxidizing agents


11. Toxicological Information



Primary irritant effect:

On skin: irritant to skin and mucous membranes.

On eye: strong irritant with the danger of severe eye injury.

Inhalation: may produce headache, dizziness, nausea and could be anesthetic and may cause other effects on the central nervous system.


To the best of our knowledge the actute and chronic toxicity of the substance is not fully known.


12. Ecological Toxicological Information


General notes: Do not allow material to be released to the environment without proper

governmental permits.


13. Disposal Considerations


Consult state, local or national regulations for proper disposal.

This product is not suitable for disposal by either landfill or via municipal sewage system or rivers.


14. transport Information


Non-bulk shipment

Proper shipping name: not regulated  (flash point 63 degree C. closed cup)

Recommended packaging: PG111)


15. Regulations


Product related hazard informations 

Hazard symbols

X1   irritant

Risk phases:

37/38 irritating to respiratory system and skin

Safety phases:

26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

National regulations

All components of this product are listed in the US EPA toxic substances Control Act Chemical substance Inventory.

Information about limitation of use:

For use only by technically qualified individuals.


16. Other Information


Employers should use this information only as a supplement to other Information gathered by them, and should make independent judgment of suitability of this information to ensure proper use and protect the health and safety of employee. This information is famished without warranty, and any use of the product not in conformance with this process, is the responsibility of the user.

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