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The factors effect printhead

Date: May. 19, 2018


Temperature have a subtle realationship for the printheads.No matter the temperature which effects the consistency of the ink and broken the original banlance of ink So during printing it may show the ink cut or virtual effects.In other hand, Humidity also effect the printheads.If the humidity is so low it improve the volatileness of the ink so the ink easy to condense in the surface of the prithead.If the humidity is high the ink easy to condense of the nozzles. And also the printing jobs is hard to dry .

So we suggest the customer equip the device as below:

1.keep the machine in suitable temperature 20 to 30 degree.(please equip the thermometer and containers)

2.keep the machine in suitable humidtity 40%℃—60%℃(please equip the hygrometer and humidifier ) 

3.Workshop should be clean.


At present ,there are so many different ink in the mraket.The good quality ink can prolong the life of the printhead,In contrast the bad ink reduce the life of the printhead. So we strongly suggest the customer buy the original InkTime ink from YiTe.You have previlage to 18months free warranty for the boards ,motor,drives and power supply box.

C.Static electric :

When the machine is working it exist so much static between the material and the press roller. If we can't advoid the staitc effectively which may effect the printing position of the ink dot so that appear the virtual and spark phonomenon. If the static is so strong not only reduce the life of the printhead but also burnt the electric board.SoIt is the key point for adopt the effective way to advoid the static electric .Connect the Gnd is the best way to advoid the static electric.

How to connect the GND.

The printer GND can't connect with the Repulic equipment because we don't judge whether other equipement exsit the static for whole internet .According the experience customer need to connect the GND seperately.

D.Printer work in high speed mode usually.

It is serious consumption for the heads working high speed mode.It leads to the nozzles not so straight and reduce the life of the printhead.If the machine work on high speed mode usually not only damager the printhead but also conaumable the belts and the motor gears. The picture which show the printer always work in high speed mode.The head use one year .The nozzles are not staright. Therefore, For saving some cost for customer so we strongly recommend  the customer to won't let the printer work in high speed if it is possible.

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