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Printhead Maintance

Date: May. 19, 2018

1.Printing maintance:

1.1.After cleaning the flush tube and installing the printhead.We should connect the flush

 tube to clean the head and also check whether the flush flow smoothly from the heads.

1.2.In order to the printhead work in excellent state we suggest as below:

Before undertaking the production of business.Customer should let the printer printing more pictures for testing in ahead of 2 days.It's better to add the color bar in the both side of the materials.(If you have the jobs we propose that you also can do this), enable you to avoid  the clog effectively in the printing process.

1.3、We suggest the customer to let the printer work in middle speed if it is possible.

1.4、Ensure nozzles of flash spray is normally opened.

2.Dairy maintance,and long vacation maintance.

2.1.Darily maintance:

Before turns off the printer please make sure all theprint heads are ok.Use the swab stick to clean the heads. Cut piece of the non woven fabric into 10cmX2cm (The size which suit to cover the heads) .Dip them into solvent flush then place them on the surface of thehead nozzles. (or put 2 pcs of woven fabric into themoisturizing frame and drop some flush to make sure the fabric is damper) Then push the head carriage to the Moisturizing frame of print head.

2.2. 5 to 10 days Vocation: 

Please connect the flush tube to clean the print heads.Press the flush button to clean the heads one by one untill the tube without the ink.Then follow the dairy maintance to maintain the heads. In general we don’t recommend the customer adopt this way. If the tubes and not clean enough, Maybe the print head will be clogged. Every 2 days turn on the printer. Let the printer work half hour. Print somepictures if it is possible.

2.3.More than 10 days Vocation:

We suggest the customer move the heads out.

Clean the ink tubes and heads.Move the heads out.extracting 40mL flush in Syringe then inject the flush into printhead to clean the heads. Do it 2 or 3 times. Ensure there is not the ink at all.Finally keep some flush within the printhead for moisturizing the printhead.

After done the the ,Put the heads in a clean Corrosion resistant containers to keep it. It can seak up about 1 month.

3.The way to solve the head clog.

3.1.If we find the nozzles are clogged we should pressthe ink button to clean the heads without hesiation.

3.2、Besides, we should find out why the nozzles are clogged.

4.Flush the heads by manul:

4.1 Pour some flush into a clean container about 2 to 3mm.

Then put the head into container.Using the fresh warp to seal

up the container.Keep the heads about 1 day.

please be careful use the paper to seal up the singal connector 

of the head.

4.2 After keeping the heads one day.Into amont of flush into a

 clean container ,Placed the heads into flush.

Attention:The bottom of printhead only can submerged about 2 ~~ 3mm in flush container.

Then use the syringe to suck the flush from the ink tube connector .Do it 2 or 3 times .

4.3.After finishing suck the flush then extracting 40ml flush in Syringe then inject the flush into printhead to clean the heads.check whether the flush flow smoothly. If yes, that's mean it have improved ,the heads can use .(If the electric crystal and the electric circuit are both good.)If you the flush flow not smoothly and unstraight so you shuld follow the 4.1 and 4.2 steps more times.

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