What to choose, a print & cut solution or...

Dec. 30, 2022

What to choose, a print & cut solution or...


Print and Cut technology is a process that combines printing with cutting. It allows you to print graphics, text, and images onto self-adhesive vinyl or heat transfer material and then cut them out using a unique Print & Cut device. But what is more efficient? Two scenarios, on the one hand, you have a print & cut unit, and on the other, you have two separate machines: a printer and a cutting plotter. Let's discuss the pros and cons of both settings.

Let's summarize the pros of having a Print & Cut machine.


  • The cost of investment is just limited to a print & cut machine.

  • No need to unload the roll to a cutter saving time on the print and cut process.

  • The space required is less than having two separate machines.

  • Simplicity on the operation side.


  • Productivity overall is diminished with a print & cut unit Vs. Two separate devices. While a printer is cutting, is not printing.

In summary, the only minus we see is the productivity factor which is affected with a print & cut device, but in the end, it is a question of demand, availability of space & budget. If you are staring in the printing business, a print & cut machine is the best option. You will save space and money in the process but if you are a company with high demand the best scenario is to have two separate units. Productivity will be enhanced in such a setting.

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