Application of new technology Ricoh UV flatbed printer UV varnish

Sep. 22, 2021

Ricoh uv flatbed printer that can print uv varnish-Kingjet Ricoh uv flatbed printer

I have encountered many customers and asked whether they can print a pattern on the material while printing a layer of UV varnish on the surface of the pattern. However, due to the limitations of UV varnish and the nozzle itself, it has not been realized for a long time. It has also become a regret in the hearts of many customers. However, after years of research and painstaking research and development, Kingjet brand printers have achieved printing a layer of UV varnish on the surface of the pattern while printing the pattern.

UV varnish is a kind of transparent paint, also called UV varnish. Its function is after printing on the surface of the pattern, it is irradiated by the UV lamp to convert it from liquid to solid, and then achieve surface hardening, its scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant effect, and the surface looks bright, beautiful, and round in texture. This application is mainly concentrated in ground applications, outdoor applications and some wall applications.

Cost calculation: Since the ink output of the nozzle of Ricoh uv flatbed printer is relatively small, the amount of uv ink converted into uv varnish is not as large as that of traditional spray guns or spraying machines. The approximate dosage is 80-100 square meters/L, and the market price of uv varnish is about 15$/L. Therefore, the cost of printing uv varnish for full coverage is about 0.12-0.15 yuan per square meter.

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