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Printer Maintance

Date: May. 19, 2018

A.Printing maintance:

1.Please clean the printhead to make sure theink flow smoothly beforing printing jobs.

check the head state in time after finishing the job.

2.During printing pelase go around to check the machine .

3.Please make sure the platform without anythings in case to scratch the printhead.

4.Ensure the heater work normally.(Prohibit to touch the pre-heater during printing)

5.If smell any burnt smell ,please turn off the machine to check immediately.

.B.Daily maintance:

1.After working 8 hours please lubricate the carriage guider.(not so much)

2.Clean the press roller.

3.Clean the appearance of the printer ,make sure without any dust.

4.Check the level of the waster bottle.If it is full please pour out it.

C.Weekly maintance:

1.Move the head carriage cover,Use the flush to clean the cover two sides and head carriage


2.Check the float sensor cable whether insert tighter.

3.Lubricate the guider and gears.

4.Check all of ink connectors,Make sure the connector without leakage.And also ensure the ink

 tube without the air because the air may  leads to the ink cut.

D.Monthly maintance:

1.Clean sub ink tank and whole ink supply system.

2.Tighter the screws between head carriage and the liner guider.checking the motor gear.

3.Check the all dryer fans and the sucking fans.

4.Tidy the space of the computer and virus antivirus

6.Dedusting for power box,electric boards by air gun.

E.Quarterly maintance:

1.Dedusting for whole machine.(outside and inner side)

2.Change the ink filter and air filter.

3.Check the fiber optical and IGUS cable consumption state,make sure without open 

circuit, short circuit and singnal interfence.

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