• KingJet KJ-UV1000 Ricoh G5i UV Cylinder Printer

    It can install 4-6 RICOH G5i printheads. Its high Printing Speed up to 25 seconds/bottle with CYMK+WV Printing Solution. It can print on Cylinder, cone color white varnish, cone 360° seamless splicing.



KJ-UV1000 UV Cylinder Printer
Overall dimensionX=1300mm,Y=890mm H:1575mm 
Printing accuracy600*900dpi.600*1200dpi,600*1800dpi
Nozzle modelRICOH G5I 
Printing speedStraight Cup: full color 20s / piece,white color 30s / piece, White color varnish 40s / piece,car cup 60s / piece 
Nozzle accuracy3.5pl 
Power supply requirements220v/3500w 
Color configurationCMYK+W+V 
Product featuresCylinder, cone, car cup, etc 
Curing systemUv LED
Product advantagesThe cup shape with different caliber can be replaced, the interface is simple, the operation is convenient, the ink cartridge temperature is visually displayed, and the automatic ink supply system is more intelligent
Nozzle configuration

Table2-4: configuration list Doublerow configuration: 4-8 heads optional 

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